Squares is a platformer type game made as an experiment by a game designer completely using programming with HTML and JavaScript. A difficult and yet interesting game made for browsers.  The main game-play differs for each level creating different kinds of difficulties challenging the player and keeping him engaged. No sprites have been used in the main game except for the GUI. 


A World in pixels, where our game character "Square" is lost and trapped. He is trapped in this pixel world as he committed a serious crime in the world of geometry by not attending to his education and considering himself superior to other geometrics. The pixel world has put forth a complex puzzled platform made of rectangles and squares in order to constrain him into the bounds of the world. Squares has to find a way to overcome these puzzles in order to reach the world of geometry and regain the trust that he is superior and much more capable than others.


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It has a nice concept both for the gameplay and the visuals. Being able to create some of the level by yourself brings more control for the player and therefore it tests more skills. The visuals are decidedly simple and for a reason, although it's not maybe ideal for playability in that the enemies don't look very threatening.

I'd like to invite your game to take part in our Game Development World Championship!

Thanks a lot for the input. It was experimental merely a prototype.  Am a game designer, I just wanted to try programming for a change.

It's a decent first try.


thank you.!